Top Arizona Small Business Online Marketing Tips For 2016

Starting a business on the Internet can be very difficult if you are used to running a real brick and mortar store. Creating a website, generating traffic through the search engines with SEO, or even using pay per click traffic, might be something completely foreign to you. The good news is that much of this is very easy to learn, and you can quickly find products or services that you can offer online that will help you succeed and make money. Regardless of the choice of your online business, here is three small business online marketing tips that will help you every time.

Applying Sound SEO Strategies

Search engine optimization is a strategy that you apply to your website in an attempt to help it rank on the search engines. For example, if you are selling a fitness product, and you can rank for specific keyword terms that people are typing in every day, preferably on page 1 for the search results, you can start to see a noticeable change of money you will be able to make. This traffic can also help you build a list of potential buyers that may take a few more days to make a decision. SEO is simply the best way to invest your advertising dollars in something that has longevity on the Internet. If you don’t have time in your day-to-day activities to keep up with all the changes with all the search engine changes, hire on of the top Phoenix SEO companies.

2016 online marketing tips

PPC Traffic

Although this has changed form in many different ways, from one company to the next, the most popular way of advertising for almost instant traffic is to use a business like Google or Facebook where you can deliver very targeted traffic with pay-per-click advertising. You can also look at the demographics of each that you are targeting, grouping all of the same people into one advertising campaign. This is expensive, especially in comparison to search engine optimization, but it can get you targeted traffic very quickly.

YouTube Videos

If you can create a channel of YouTube videos that are directly related to what you are selling, it will be the easiest way for you to get started. Once you can generate traffic from your YouTube videos that have ranked online, you will begin to experience what so many people have reported about the power of videos and their ability to rank in the search engines. You can also add dome links to your description that has helped many increase the ranking of their websites by simply having a hyperlink that people can click on. The combination of using this strategy to build the notoriety of your company, and also generate traffic, is one of the best on the Internet today.


Learning how to do all of this may take a few days, especially if you have never done this before. Once you have everything going, including working with a search engine optimization specialist that can do everything for you, you will have no problem generating targeted visitors that will become buyers at some point in time. Also, dabble in PPC and video marketing once you have SEO down. All of these can help even the most novice individual, who knows nothing about making money on the Internet, become successful selling products and services for their small business.